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The Indian Forester November 1951




The proportion by weight of the bark to the wood depended upon the size of the twig. [...] FIBRE DIMENSIONS The determination of the length and diameter of the fibres of the pulps from the wood and bark of this species was carried out by the methods described earlier' 5. The results are given in Table II. [...] The pulp yields and the bleach consumption of the pilot plant experiments are given in Table V and the strength properties of the writing and printing papers in Table VI. [...] The Singelila range separates it from Nepal in the west and to some extent from Tibet on the north and the Chola ranges separate it from Bhutan and Tibet in the east while the rivers Rangeet and Rangpo mark the boundary in the south dividing it from the district of Darjeeling in West Bengal. [...] The eastern and southern parts of the State are inhabited by the Nepalese who form the chief agricultural class and constitute the majority of the population.


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