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The Indian Forester June 1944




Deforestirtion of the main Salt Range in the last hundred years has however allowed the desert conditions to penetrate; the torrents--flowing from the northern face.such as the Bunha Sauj and Gahan are spreading wastes of sand over cultivation blow; and the plateau itself especially in the catchMents of the IWO Sohan and Sil rivers is being remorselesaten away by a maze of minor torrents T [...] The objects of the work being done by the Forest Department are: (0 To increase the fertility of the exising cultivation by conserving rainfall and surface soil on the spot (ii) To increase the area under cultivtion by reclaiming ruined lands; (iii) To increase the prosperity of the vilagers by raising kikar plantations on waste lands. [...] 3s Nineteen societies have been registeed under the Coperative Act up to the end of March 1943 and they are being managed by the villagers to the entire satisfaction of the district officers and the people with rgard' to the protection of the forest estate. [...] The object of coering the hillsides with trees and bushes is to reduce the pace of the water run-off and cosequently the amount of sand brought down and to extend the flow of water over a longer period so that the height and force of floods may be less. [...] It is the aim of the Forest Deparment to reduce in course of time the violence of the torrents coining down from the Siwalik hills in the north of the district.


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