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The Indian Forester March 1944




7. Owing to the large number of small sums outstanding on the part of subscribers and the difficulty of recovering them it is notified under the orders of the Board of Management thatt) to all private subscribers in India who have not sent a Banker's order to The Civil and Military Gazette Ltd. [...] Lahore by the end of the last month to which their subscription extends the first issue of the following year of the Indian Forester will be sent by V. P. P. In the sum to be thus recovered will be included all arrears due: (it) to all private subscribers residing out of India. [...] in the event of non-payment by them by the end of the year for which their subscription holds good of all sums due by them the issue of the Indian Forester will be suspended until the recovery of these sums. [...] The young seedlings saplings and poles are susceptible to the attack of J'hytolyrna Iota (Scott) a gall-forming insect and the damage done_ is considerable and to prevent this a satisfactory method of regeneration of the species is yet to be found. [...] Except during the year 1936 when the weather conditions were marvellous in that the rain was quite above the average and well distributed over the whole summer the following three years were marked by deficiency of rain with the result that the success obtained with pit planting the only method that was adopted at that time was far below expectations.


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