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The Indian Forester September 1923




Owing to the large number of small sums outstanding on the part of subscribers and the difficulty of recovering them it is notified under the orders of the Board of Management tha'll to all private subscribers in India unless objection be taken to the course proposed and intimated to the Manager Pioneer" Press by the end of the last month to which their subscription extends the first issu [...] If a local demand has to be met or rights are admitted then let the Reserved Forest be managed primarily in the interest of the local people and the rightholders and secondarily with the object of obtaining the maximum revenue possible consistent with the satisfaction of the demand or rights provided always that the latter are neither ijurious or excessive. [...] Howard the Imperial Siviculturist led the way in the quest of a suitable formula for the determination of the possibility of our forests of which the rate of growth is so little known. [...] Let CEO be the real growing stock and let DI3C be the required A. Then only the total volume of the real growing stock will be represented by the A it being obtained by moving a portion of the lower girth classes to the place of the higher where the higher girth classes are in deficiency and vice versa but the volume of any particular girth class will seldom he equal to the corresponding segment [...] Then let the A ABC represent the normal growing stock up to yo years of age (rotation) and the 0 A 1)13C represent the volume of the forest including the ovemature stuff; then the A D13.2 will be equal to the volume of the over-mature stuff only.


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