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The Indian Forester March 1922




Each year a certain part of the periodic possibility is cut the actual amount depending upon the progress of the regeneration and the state of the timber market. [...] ILAS ROAD 127 These volumes and areas are approximate only and total the calculated possibility 36 000m3 see Appendix I. The volumes and areas may be cut in any order desired following the silvcultural development of the crop and the state of the market but the total cut in the to years must equal 36poom3 app. [...] Little is it to be wondered that in the exes of the Hill men Kali occupies the principal position amongst all the gods of the Hills and owing to her grace and favour man is enabled to escape from the numberless dangers which surround him and numerous are the offerings made to the.goddess by the terrified villagers. [...] Worse than he is the bhut " who inhabits the precipices a very terrible spirit whose cries and screams in the dead of night cause the flocks suddenly to scatter and shepherds to tremble with fear ; avalanches suddenly rush down the hill-side and ovewhelm the unwary traveller ; the foot slips on the edge of a precipice and man is precipitated into the depths beneath ; or a rock suddenly falls [...] The forest staff is recruited locally for the most part and it is much to its credit that it continued to work fearlessly in face of dangers both real and imaginary when one accident after the other happened as the terrors of the malignant spirits must have seemed very real to the forest guards engaged on the work and especially terrifying to the local coolies everyone of whom was crammed ful


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