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The Indian Journal of Medical Research April 1950




SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS INDIA AIMS AND OBJECTS The Aims and Objects of the Society arc to co-ordinate the work of Biological Chemists in various parts of India ; hold meetings for discussion of important topics of scientific interest and for presentation of original papers ; publish annual reviews abstracts of biochemical work done in India and mono [...] Demands for reprints additional to the above must be forwarded at the time of submission of the article for publication or of the galley proof and will be charged for at the following rates :— NUMBER OF REPRINTS. [...] Analyses of the amino-acids have usually been made on the globulin fractions in the case of dicotyledons and in the absence of complete information the nutritive value of a protein is assessed from these values. [...] As a result the efforts to provide analytical information upon which to base a judgment of the nutritive value of the whole protein have been gravely circumscribed in spite of urgent necessity for such an information '. In this paper an attempt has been made to estimate some of the essentipl aminacids present in gram and ragi by the microbiological technique the great advantage being that the [...] The maximum amount of gram and ragi required to supply the daily needs of an adult on the basis of the above figure of Albanese would be 4.4 g. and 10.7 respectively if the only grains consumed were these two.


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