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The Indian Journal of Medical Research January 1948




P. 0. Box 1341 Bombay 1 P. 0. Box 7882 Calcutta 12 Anah/In/109-woaooaooa00000aocsw000000000cwcvocwcwooi000cvoacwa000 SOCIETY OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTS INDIA AIMS AND OBJECTS The Aims and Objects of the Society are to co-ordinate the work of Biological Chemists in various parts o India hold meetings for discussion of important topics of scientific interest and for presentation of original papers [...] Space will be allotted in relation to the nature of a paper the amount of original observation included and the relative importance of the work. [...] Illustrative matter should not be sent in the form of unarranged drawings or photographs but be definitely arranged or allocated by the author as so many text figures or plates as the case may be having due regard to the size and shape of the page of the Journal and the capacity of the drawings or photos for reduction. [...] Demands for reprints additional to the above must be forwarded at the time of submission of the article for publication or of the galley proof and will be charged for at the following rates : Additional copies and extra pages are obtainable at appropriate rates. [...] He was selected for the Medical Research Department of the Government of India and was for about 14 years on the staff of the Central Research Institute Kasauli.


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