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3. Term of office of the members of the Committee and the Advisor?) Committee.—The term of office of the members of the Committee or at Advisory Committee shall be such as in the opinion of the Government iE necessary for completing the enquiry into the scheduled employment concerned and the Government may at the time of the constitution of the Committee or an Advisory Committee as the case may b [...] T Whereas the person having the control of The M. H Saboo Siddik Institution Bombay which is an institution maintained for the purpose of education and training has submitted for the approval of Government his scheme for the regulation of the hours of employment intervals for meals and holidays of the persons employed in or attending the said Institution; And whereas the Government of Bombay [...] S. B. 0. 21 New Delhi dated the 31st December 1951.* In exercise of the powers conferred by the sub-sections (2) and (3) of Section 8 of Provident Funds Act 1925 (XIX of 1925) the Central Government hereby adds to the Schedule to the said Act the name of the Employees State Insurance Corporation" and directs that the provsions of the said Act shall apply to the Provincial Fund established f [...] dated 31st January 1952.* In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 13 of the Employees' Provident Funds Ordinance 1951 (VIII of 1951) the Governor of Orissa is pleased to appoint the Labour Commissioner Orissa and the Assistant Labour Commissioner Orissa to be the Inspetors for the purposes of the said Ordinance or of any scheme thereunder throughout the State of Or [...] of which have already been brought into force) and Chapters V and VI of the said Act shall come into force in the State of Delhi and the Kanpur area of the State of Uttar Pradesh Explanation.—`Kanpur Area' means the area within the jurisdiction of the Kanpur Municipality the Cantonment Board Kanpur and the Notified Area Committee of Juhi and the area comprising the villages of Jajmau (Bazidpur
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