The Indian Factories Journal [1952-53] Journal
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The Indian Factories Journal [1952-53] Journal




5. The funds for the Scheme will be derived from contributions payable by the employers and the employees under the Act and from the grants to he made by the Union and the State Governments. [...] 8. Besides the contributions from the employees and the employers the Central Government shall make a grant to the Corporation of a sum equivalent to 2/3rds of the administrative expenses of the Corporation during the first years and the State Governments will contribute about 1/3rd of the cost of medical care. [...] Union Elections at Plant Allowed Provided No Interference with Production Minimum of 75% of Membership to participate.—It is agreed with respect to the election of the officers of the Union and/or the Grievance Committee and/or the Negotiating Committee of the Union that such elections shall be held it the employer's plant by written ballot and all members of the Union sindl be given an opportunit [...] Union required to Insure Visiting Representatives.—The Company shall issue a pass to the designated representatives of the Union to board the ve:Isels and enter the Company docks for the purpose of consulting with the unlicensed personnel employed thereon provided: (a) Union representatives shall not violate any provision of this agreement or interfere with or retard the work of the vessel subjec [...] Purpose: investigation of Sanitary Conditions.--An authorized officer of the Union shall have access to the factory during business hours upon reasonable notification to the Company for the purpose of investigaing conditions of the factory in regard to sanitation and for the purpose of ascertaining if the provisions of this agreement are fully complied with.

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