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The Indian Factories Journal [1952-53] Reports


Ahmedabad v. V. R. Kamtekar 31 --Sections 3 (39) 42 46 and 79— Award standardising wages—Costruction—Withdrawal of amenities by employer—Legality—Necessity of notice of change—Application by employees for declaration of illegalty of change—Limitation—Cause of action whether recurring—Wages" "Customary Concession " meanings of—Shrinagar Mills Co. [...] v. Their Clerical Employees - 365 --Section 10 (1)—Reference of dipute to tribunal—Actual existence of dispute whether essential—Whther disputes should be specified in order of reference—Jurisdiction of Court to decide upon order of rference—State of Madras v. C. P. Sarathy... [...] 4311 ----Section 33—Contravention of in ignorance of reference of dispute to Tribunal—Knowledge of pendency of reference necessity of.—Tobacco' Manufacturers (India) Ltd. [...] 214 --Section 3 (1)—'Arising out of his employment' meaning of—Death of workman at place of work by explsion of bomb—Bomb placed by strager—Whether death due to injury `arising out of employment' of worman.—Trustees of the Port of Bobay v. Shrimati Yamunabai... [...] 154 Writs—Writ against order of Appelate Tribunal—Jurisdiction of High Court—Writ quashing part of order of Appellate Tribunal—ValiditWhether Appellate Tribunal can be directed to re-hear appeal.—Mahmed Rahimatoola v. Labour Appelate Tribnnal of India. 209 --Writ of certiorari to quash order of reference of industrial dispute by Government—Effective remedy prvided in Industrial Di
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