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The framers of the said Amendment Act 26 of 1943 had thereby brought ordinary Jury appeals to High Court against the decisions of the Courts of Session and Jury appeals to the Division Court of the High Court against the decision of a High Court Judge in the exercise of original criminal jurisdiction somewhat on equal lines. [...] tion of the entire proceedings is provided by the Statute and the intention of the Legislature is to put a check against the decision of the Court of Session because the life of an individual is to be taken away. [...] On the other hand if for some reason or other the accused fails to prefer an appeal against the decision of the High CourtJudge exercising orignal criminal jurisdiction he is doomed and he is baulked of the statutory consideration of the entire matter for the last time and there is no safeguard of the interest of the accused and there is no check against the decision of a High Court Judge in [...] Non-filing of the appeal ousts the jurisdition of the Division Court of the High Court in finally determining the case of the condemned person. [...] This is indeed one of the methods of inquiry into the truth of the accusation by drawing the attention of the person concerned to the accusation and to ask him whether ho has any cause to show.
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i-i S. Rao view
The New Year
1-2 S. Rao view
The Late Mr. N. Gopalaswamy Iyengar
3-3 S. Rao view
Supreme Court and High Court Judges under Indian Constitution
3-6 Thakur Dubey view
Judicial Anomalies
6-8 Mohd. Khan view
A Case for an Amendment
9-9 Bidhu Chakravarty view
Sentence of Death Passed by High Court Judge in Exercise of Original Criminal Jurisdiction
9-10 Gauri Mukherjee view
Application of Chapter XX of the Code of Criminal Procedure to S. 107 (Security for keeping the Peace)
10-13 Tirithdas Wadhwani view
Revision Against an Order of Discharge—when to be moved
13-14 S. N. Patnaik view
Proposed Reform of the Criminal Procedure Code
14-15 M. L. Das view
Surrender of Accused in Court During Police Investigation—a Predicament
15-16 Banabihari Gupta view
16-16 S. Rao view
Can a Subordinate Court Review its Judgment in a Criminal Case?
17-17 Radha Dhar view
Order for Investigation into Complaints and Necessary Enactment to that Effect
17-18 Bimalananda Chatterjee view
Section 432 of the Code of Criminal Procedure
18-18 Akhileshwar Prasad view
Section 13A of the Essential Supplies (Temporary Powers) Act 1946
18-19 Sudhir Ray view
Surrender of Accused in Court During Police Investigation a Predicament
19-20 Harmohan Nath view
Withdrawal of Complaint
20-21 S. Rao view
Comments on A.I.R. 1952 M. B. 161=1952 Cri. L. J. 1425
22-23 Bakshi Ram Chhibar view
The Central Excises and Salt (Amendment) Act 1953
23-23 S. Rao view
The Constitution (Second Amendment) Act 1952
23-23 S. Rao view
The Scheduled Areas (Assimilation of Laws) Act 1953
23-24 S. Rao view
The Cinematograph (Amendment) Act 1953
25-25 S. Rao view
The Tea Act 1953
25-34 S. Rao view
Women as Jurors and Assessors—A Case for Amendment of S. 319 Criminal P. C.
35-35 Harihar Prasad view
Revival of Complaint Dismissed in Default of Appearance
35-36 Radha Dhar view
36-36 S. Rao view
37-37 S. Rao view
Costly Justice
38-38 Radha Dhar view
Granting of Bal to Pickpockets
38-39 Yasvant Ingle view
Executive Jurisdiction in Tenancy Cases
39-40 Chandrakant Bhatt view
What is the Proper Procedure where a Subordinate Criminal Court Desires to Get its own Erroneous Order Set Aside?
40-40 Radha Dhar view
The Central Silk Board (Amendment) Act 1953
40-41 S. Rao view
The Collection of Statistics Act 1953
41-43 S. Rao view
43-44 S. Rao view
The Sea Customs (Amendment) Act 1953
45-46 S. Rao view
The Employees’ Provident Funds (Amendment) Act 1953
46-46 S. Rao view
The Travancore-Cochin High Court (Amendment) Act 1953
47-47 S. Rao view
The Calcutta High Court (Extension of Jurisdiction) Act 1953
47-47 S. Rao view
The Repealing and Amending Act 1953
47-49 S. Rao view
The Coir Industry Act 1953
49-51 S. Rao view
The Banking Companies (Amendment) Act 1953
51-53 S. Rao view
The Telegraph Wires (Unlawful Possession) Amendment Act 1953
53-53 S. Rao view
The Indian Patents and Designs (Amendment) Act 1953
54-54 S. Rao view

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