Bulletin No. 15 of National Geographical Society of India  Banaras
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Bulletin No. 15 of National Geographical Society of India Banaras




6. A Preliminary Account of the River Terraces of the Yamuna (Jumna) and the Tons Nadi in the Doon Valley Dehra Dun District and the Intermittent Uplift of the Himalayas during the Recent Period by Dr. [...] D. N. Wadia Geological Adviser to the Government of India on The Probing of the Earth" on the occasion of the Fourth Anniversary Meeting of the Society. [...] During the month of October 1950 the author studied the river terraces of the Yamuna (Jumna) from Kalsi downwards and those of the Tons nadi a tributary of the Asan in the famous Doon Valley which have yielded very 1. The Government have recently revised the spellings of this river as Yamuna which was known as the jumna before. [...] The return journey from Paonta to Dharmanwala (30° 25' : 77° 43' 24) was performed by the forest road which gave a good idea of the country forming the edge"22 RIVER TERRACES OF THE YAMUNA AND INTERMITTENT of the Siwalik hills above the left bank of the Yamuna and the Asan. [...] The upper portion of the high ground"UPLIFT OF THE HIMALAYAS DURING RECENT PERIOD 23 adjoining the right bank of the Tons is composed of fine alluvium while the lower portion is composed of the boulder detritus.

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