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Financial Times - A Journal of Trade Industry and Finance July 1938




Even in the face of an absolutely adamant attitude of the Government of India in regard to the proposal to devaluate the rupee the revisionists have not at all lost courage and are trying to cature.the support of all Provincial Governments in an edeavour to persuade the Central Goverment to review the entire position in the light of new facts. [...] The question of defence expediture is closely inter-linked with the question of control and manning of the forces as also with the direction of the foreign policy of the country. [...] The recommendations of the Committee are as follows T is clear from the account of the 1 textile industry of this province that it approximates more to that of the mills of Bombay city than of either Ahmedabad or Sholapur and accordingly the proposiLs for increases in the wages of:the operatives should be based on those adoptefor Bombay city. [...] Our calculations Of ithe'Margin of profit due to the fall in the price of cotton taking into account the per-. eentagé of the cost of raw material in the total 'cost of production support the view of our collegue but we feel that in view of the weak condition of industry in the province it is not desirable to impose on it a burden heavier than that imposed in Bombay city. [...] We also observe that the Government of Bombay recommened the.effect being given to the increase in wages from the first pay period after the pulication of the Interim Report and the coclusions of Government.


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