Welfare  October 1927
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Welfare October 1927




i The Place of Rammohnn Roy in the History of Modern India By RAMANANDA The centenary of the birth of Raja Ramohun Roy ought to have been celtbrated in the early seventies of the last century. [...] of the Sambad Kawandi which contained "an appeal to the rich Hindus of Calcutta to constitute a society for the relief of destitute widows upon the principlet of the Civil and Military Widows' Fund established by order of Government." That he was earnestly in favour of the education of women and did not hold the prevalent low opinion of the character of women is quite clear from many passages i [...] Here again Rammohun stands forth as the tribune and prophet of new India." The Select Committee of the House of Commons which was appointed in February 1831 and reappointed in June to consider the renewal of the Company's Charter invited him to appear before it Rammohun declined this request but tendered his evidence in the form of successive "Communications to the Board of Control." The firs [...] Among the principal measures advocated in the Raja's Questions and Answers on the Judicial System of Jndia were the substittion of English for Persian as the official language of the Courts of law ; the appoinment of native assessors in the civil courts ; trial by jury of which the Panchayet system was the indigenous parallel; 'separation of the offices of judge and.revenue commissioers [...] Bright said in the House of Commons :—"The cultivators of the soil the great body of the population of India are in a condition of great impoverisment of great dejection and of great suffeing." The Englihmen were no doubt greatly surprised to hear this statement from one who was one of them.

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