Welfare  March 1927
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Welfare March 1927




It is the peculiar quality the charm let us say of the medium employed and the stamp of individuality of the engraver which gives to the engraving an artistic value not possesed by the mere "process'print." What are the peculiar qualities or rather. the properties of a woodcut which distin-..... [...] The Inside settle the order in which their men shall go in : this is a matter calling for much trial of and the method employed is called Abak Dubak ". To settle the Qrder of going in by the Abak Dubak system (see illustration of type 1) each player in his turn takes the Bat and the Cat and first 'restiqg the cat on the stick tosses it up and tries how often he can hit it up without letting_ i [...] If the Moi is neither Missed by the smiter not caught by the fielder but stricken well and truly one of the fielders pitches it again towards the Gabi but this time the batsmalt stands ready either to block the Cat pr to send it to the boundry if possible! If this return hit sends the Cat to a fielder who holds the catch the striker is out and the fielder earns his Kotia. [...] When the batsman has to measure the distance from the Gabi to the Cat (either when hit by him or returned by the fielder to a place some distance from the Gabi) he uses a curious series of words that appear to be corrupt forms of the Canarese numerals. [...] Then the batsman have had their innings one of the tvin&ng taps the cat twice gently the third time side gives the adversaries a chance 'of smartly so as to make it jump and hits it reducing the winding score by the following away with the Panda.

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