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The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute February May August 1952


Again I. S. Pawate in the introduction of his " The Structure of the Allg.dblityi" has tried to establish that jinendra was the author of the Jainendra Vyiikarana who was identical with Jinendrabuddhi the author of the Nyasa which is the earliest extant commentary on the Keifikii. [...] He concludes by saying "If the author of the Nyasa lived about 450 A. D. the Kilikj which was an old work at the time of the author of the Nyasa must go back to somewhere about the beginning of the Christian era." is Viz. [...] The Dharmasfitras (and also the Dharalasistras) were clearly '53 F. 4"114 v. c. SARKAR works on Dharma where the term Dharma was used in the most comprehensive sense to include the different branches of the sciences necessary for the regulations of human life from the standpoints of the different stages and the castes. [...] But the Arthafistra dealt exclusively with the rights and duties of the king from the standpoints of actual administration involving the creation and regultion of the different departments of the government icluding the most important organ of the state vie. [...] V the Collector General shall exhibit in public the arrested criminals and thus proclaim the omniscience of the king and the never-failing vigilance of the king's offcers among the people.
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The Chronology of the Works on Vedanta by Gangadhara Sarasvati and His Disciple Anandabodhendra Sarasvatt
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Bhartrhari’s Date
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The Place of Kautilya’s Arthasastra in the Hindu Legal History
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Panini’s Notion of the Authoritativeness of the Views of his Predecessors
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The Svalpamatsya Purana
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Studies in Romance
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The Pratimoksa Sutra of the Mahasanghikas
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Annual Report of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute for 1950-51
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Reviews of Books
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