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The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute August 1949


The site of the ancient city has been identified with the ruins of Shadheri which is a mile to the north-east of Sarai in the north-west corner of the Rawalpindi District.° In Kath sarit-seigara Taksagila appears as a city situated on the banks of the Vitastä (Jhelum) the reflection of whose long line of palaces gleamed in the waters of the river.1° Both Fa-hien and Hiuen Tsang treat Taksa [...] The name was given to the country between the upper rsches of the Indus and the Vitastii which is now known as the Haz-"TAK8AgILA 285 on the east and by Sinhapura on the south12 which is thus roughly equivalent to the modern Rawalpindi District. [...] So the Gandharas of the third century B. C. mentioned in the R. E. V. of Agoka as living on the western borders of his empire presumably lived in the Gandhara country of the trans-Indus region the river Indus being the eastern boundry of Gandhara. [...] t1441"(1111" TATTVA—HITA—PURUSARTHA IN RAMANUJA'S PHILOSOPHY By K. SESHADRI TATTVA represents the nature of ultimate reality and tells us of the Brahman the supreme; purusartha is the summum bovum the highest object of human aspiration while hita ' reveals the means for the attainment of the highest. [...] The other vtikyas speak of meditation on the Parabrahman as described above as the means leading to the highest purusirtha and affirms that he who enters on the path of bhakti reaches the Parama-pada through divine grace and enjoys the innmerable excellences of the Infinite.
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The Budhavaktramandana of Kika
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Tattva—Hita—Purusartha In Ramanuja’s Philosophy
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