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The Kalpaka - India’s Only Psychic and Spiritual Review March 1926




The spitting habit is a dirty one; the fumes of liquor pass out of the mouth and too often close to the faces of decent people ; the expectortion of tobacco juice is the same of coarseness in the emissions from the mouth. [...] The First Stige: The man devoted to action although stimulated by the contemplation of the fruits of action in his days of ignorance soon realises from practical experience the folly of attaching the mind to the fruits of action and deriving inspiration therefrom. [...] The strange irony of fate or the relentless mockery of time lays its surgical knife at the very root of the foul attachment to the fruits the breeder of pain ; and the operation though attended at the time with unbearable agony is productive of much good in the future. [...] If you observe the proper technic in breathing and take recourse to frequent sun baths you can surely avail of the advantages that come from these precious agencies of nature The luminous rays of the sun have the power of transmission through the skin and of being absorbed with the bioodstream of the body The quality and tone of the brain will naturally depend upon the quality and tone of the [...] Then think separately of the back of the neck the right arm the left arm the right leg the left leg and the structure of the body for eight or ten seconds on each member in the order given.


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