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of the more disgruntled and less imaginative elements of the population have recently been clamouring for the jungle on the site of the Ghana to be cleared and the area to be thrown open for growing crops; or alternatively that the water from the Ajan Bund should be diverted away from the Ghana and put to better use than 'providing duck shooting facilities for the Maharaja and his friends'—a charg [...] No sooner have the first showers of the monsoon filled the ditches and hollows in the bed of the Ghana than the water birds begin to move in evidently over considerable distances of the surrounding countryside in many instances and the scene is soon fi.ansformed into one of bustling activity. [...] The strengthening of the existing organisation by the addition of a few extra guards more vigilant overall supervision and tightening up of current restrictions would probably meet the case as far as the safety of the birds and animals is concerned. [...] The vertical band at the nape and the blotch near the base of the anal fin persist. [...] stage the commencement of the dorsal fin is distinctly nearer to the base of the caudal fin than to the tip of snout.
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i-ii Sálim Ali, S. B. Setna, H. Santapau view
The Keoladeo Ghana of Bharatpurr (Rajasthan)
531-536 Sálim Ali view
Characteristic Colouration of Juvenile Specimens of Labeo (Morulius) Angra with Notes on Growth1
537-542 K. H. Alikunhi, Hiralal Chaudhuri view
Plants from East Nepal
543-560 M. L. Banerji view
Wild Life Preservation in India
561-578 R. W. Burton view
Notes on Fishes from Mahableshwar and Wai (Satara District Bombay State)
579-589 E. G. Silas view
Some Breeding Birds of Singapore
590-596 W. T. Loke view
Host Plants Distribution and Abundance of Thrips (Thysanoptera) of Bombay State1
597-607 Narayan G. Patel, G. A. Patel view
Ecological Notes on a Colony of Small Swallow-Plovers in Mysore State
608-622 C. Brooke Worth view
The Determination of Age and Growth of Fishes of Tropical and Sub-Tropical Waters1
623-635 M. Devidas Menon view
The Analytical Characters of Some of the Marshy Vegetation of Bombay and Salsette Islands
636-652 B. S. Navalkar view
More Notes on Birds of the Gandak-Kosi Watershed Nepal1
653-670 Desirée Proud view
Occurrence of Paragrewia Gagnep. in India and Burma1
671-673 R. Seshagiri Rao view
A Contribution to the Biology of the Blue Swimming Crab Neptunus Pelagicus (Linnaeus) with a Note on The Zoea of Thalamita Crenata Latreille1
674-689 R. Raghu Prasad, P. R. S Tampi view
Populations of Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird with Comments on Ranges and Variation among Related Species of Sunbirds
690-696 Dillon Ripley view
A New Species of Sesamum
697-ii B. Appala Naidu view
Secondary Song of Some Indian Birds
699-706 M. D. Lister view
1. Insects Indomitable. By Evelyn Cheesman F. R. C. S. Pp. 205 (7½” x 5”). With 16 line illustrations by Arthur Smith. London 1952. (G. Bell & Sons Ltd.). Price 12s. 6d. net
707-707 V. K. C. view
2. Wild Flowers of the Ceylon Hills. Some Familiar Plants of the up-country Districts. By Thomas E. T. Bond. Illustrated by Jessie & Thomas Bond. Pp. xviii+240 22x14 cm. col. front. and 120 line drawings. Oxford University Press 1958. Price Rs. 10
707-708 H. Santapau view
3. Birds of Ceylon. 2. By W. W. A. Phillips F. L. S. M. B. O. U. F. Z. S. Pp. 49 (7¼” x 4¾”) 1 coloured map 5 photographs by author 20 coloured plates by Cicely Lushington Colombo 1952. The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. Price Rs. 5
708-709 S. A. view
4. African Handbook of Birds Series One: Birds of Eastern and Northeastern Africa Vol. I. By C. W. Mackworth-Praed M.A. F. Z. S. M. B. O. U. and Capt. C. H. B. Grant F. Z. S. M. B. O. U. Pp. xxv+836 (8½” x 5½”). 53 coloured and 6 plates from photographs; marginal distribution maps and drawings. London 1952. Longmans Green & Co. Ltd. Price 45s. net
709-711 S. A. view
5. Nestboxes. By Edwin Cohen and Bruce Campbell. Field Guide No. 3 published by the British Trust for Ornithology Oxford. Pp. 32 (8½” x 5½”). 22 text figures 1952. Price 2s. 6d
711-712 S. A. view
6. Man Mind or Matter. By Charles Mayer. Translated from the French and with a preface by Harold A. Larrabee pp. 167. Boston 1951 (The Beacon Press)
712-714 D. J. P. view
7. Downs and Dunes their plant life and its environment. By Sir Edward Salisbury. Pp. xiii & 328; (25 x 16 cms.); illustrated with 74 photographs 93 line drawings and diagrams together with 54 distribution maps. London 1952. (G. Bell & Sons Ltd.) Price 45s
714-716 H. Santapau view
8. Records of Parrots Bred in Captivity. By Arthur A. Prestwich. Pp. 376 (8¼” x 5½”). London (1950-1952): Arthur A. Prestwich. Price 35s
716-716 S. A. view
9. Search for the Spiny Babbler Bird Hunting in Nepal. By Dillon Ripley. Pp. 1-301 (7¾” x 5”). London 1958 (Victor Gollancz Ltd.). Price 14s. net
716-717 H. A. view
10. Wild Elephant Chase. By Heinrich Oberjohann. (Dobson 15s.)
717-719 Cyril Connolly view
Miscellaneous Notes
720-762 Sálim Ali, S. B. Setna, H. Santapau view
Notes and News
763-764 Sálim Ali, S. B. Setna, H. Santapau view
i-ii Sálim Ali, S. B. Setna, H. Santapau view

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