The Journal of Oriental Research  Madras  September 1950 to June 1951
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The Journal of Oriental Research Madras September 1950 to June 1951




A great one which is likely to have a lasting effect on the minds of the thinking men of both the hemispheres is the inauguration of a movement of frequent meetings and exchange of views between the professors at the Indian and the Western universities. [...] Europe had a culture of an essentially religious type till the movement of Protestantism commenced in the 16th century and the separation of the secular part of the lives of its adherents from the religious part thereof under the influence of the views of the freethinkers based upon the knowledge derived from science who came into prominence as the result of the limitation of the powei of the cl [...] 8. But the thoughtful persons even in the Western coutries are not slow to perceive the evil effects of the purely material outlook on life which forms the basis of their secular culture and are searching for a formula by which a reconcilition can be brought about between the material civilisation of the West and the religious civilisation of the East and the nations of the World can live si [...] The missionaries of this order act upon the belief that the knowledge derived from the scriptures has itself a potency to enable man to realise the identity of the human soul in essence with the Supreme Soul which is the gist of the teaching of the Vedantas. [...] The large majority of them in fact did so and the outward harmony was at least in the case of most of them an index to the cultvation by them in a fair measure of the five virtues which form the basis of the moral codes of the Hindu Jain add24 JOURNAL OF ORIENTAL RESEARCH [VoL.

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