The Journal of Oriental Research  Madras  June  1950
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The Journal of Oriental Research Madras June 1950




The Tusam rock inscription in the Hissar district of Punjab a Vaishnavite record assignable to the end of the 4th or the beginning of the 5th century A. D. deals with the construction of a reservoir and temple for Vishnu Bhagavãn. [...] At the end of the inscription the building of a temple to Vishnu in the form of Cakrabhrit by Cakrapalita is mentioned)) - The Gadhwa stone inscription allotted to the time of Skandagupta again records the erection of the image of Vishnu this time under the name of Anantasviimi and a grant of some lands in the village for flowers perfumes etc. [...] The opening verse of the former of the above two inscriptions also has a reference to Devi.24 The inscriptions of the Guptas of Magadha also reveal the general popularity of the Solar worship in their time. [...] The Nirmand copper plate grant of Mahasamanta and Mandriija Samudrasëna belonging roughly to the 7th century A. D. is a Saiva inscription which records the grant of the village of Sfiligagrama by the king for the purpose of the worship of God Tripuräntaka who under the name of Mihireivara had been installed by his mother Mihiralakshmi at a previously established temple of Siva with the name Kapii [...] The iliaharantsa :; while recording the events of the reign of Mahanama who ruled in Ceylon in the early years of the 5th century records that Buddhaghosa a Brahman youth born in the neighbourhood of the terrace of the great Bo-tree being well founded in all the branches of '. Ciistifts' and the three 'Vedas' soon attained great fame as an indefatigable schematic disputant.

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