The Journal of Oriental Research  Madras  December 1948
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The Journal of Oriental Research Madras December 1948




And from the Indian point of view they form the source and the earliest outline of all the speculations and the various modes of thought that have marked the Indian mind in the course of its long evolution. [...] In more than one instance one can explain by means of Sugruta or Caraka certain obscure data of Atharvaveda the name of diseases and even the outline of speculation that is to be utilised in medicine the doctrine of humour and the theory of the breath of the body in harmony with the breath of aerial space. [...] Mus in his work on Borobodur which appeared before the war has cited certain cosmological evidence to explain the monument of Borobodur in its speculative aspect of which the origin is traced by him to the Vedas notably in the extraordnary ratiocinations of the Satapatha-Brarnana concerning the creation of the altar to fire (Agnicayana). [...] It has been my humble wish to show how for the savants and for every variety of them for the artists no less than for the historians of literature and of religion the Vedas in spite of all unmerited contempt rest and shall remain one of the magnificent monuments of mankind." THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE VAIYAKARANAS* BY K. A. SUBRAMANIA IYER Professor and Head of the Department of Sanskrit Unii [...] A..;ainst the view that it is the former the objetion is raised that it is fter all with the danda that the action of taking is done and that therefore it should be considered to be the instrument of that action rather than as the agent of an action which is not mentioned in the sentence.

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