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The Journal of Oriental Research Madras June 1947


We will presently see that the author of the Kavyaprakaadipika is identical with the author of the Padarthamalagildhasthadipika on the basis of the identity of parentage surnames and preceptors. [...] As a matter of fact the felicitations should go to the people of the Cochin State to the people of Kerala to the people of South India to the people of India and I may say to the whole of humanity. [...] Among these exhibitions mention must be made of the following: the findings of the Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-Orient in the South of Indochina (findings which prove the mediteranean and Indian influence on the country in the first centuries of the Christian era and which have much in common with the discoveries made in Virapatnam near Pondicherry); new acquisitions of the Teheran Museum which [...] Levi-Provencal informed the Congress that in order to prepare a plan for the revision and re-edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam it is proposed to hold a meeting of the delegates of the Academies responsible for the creation of the Encyclopaedia and the present editing committee in April 1949 under the auspices of the Permanent International Committee of the Congress. [...] The Congress expresses the desire that an Interntional Committee entrusted with the task of cordioating the work concerning the publication of the archives of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey and outside Turkey be set up the centre of which could be in Turkey.
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