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The Journal of Oreintal Research March 1946


He was the President of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Oriental Research from its starting in 1927 till recently when the Journal was transferred to the management of the Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute Madras. [...] He heartily co-operated with his intimate friend and colleague the late Sri V. Krishnaswami lyer in the organistion and introduction of the scheme of the Oriental Titles"ii examinations in the University of Madras It was during his AdvocatGeneralship that the scheme for Samskrit studies in the Trivadi Samskrit College was framed.' He was more than thirty years the President of the Committ [...] He says as follows: The lilt of the verse in the Bhagavata has a peculiar charm of its own; it varies with the occasion as it is gay or grave from the lighter and swift-moving measure of the madrigal and the pastoral song to the slow and solemn measure of the hymn. [...] 4"PART in] THE QUEST OF SITA 87 So we have in final solution of all problems and complications in the Plot a quick succession of marvels and thrills—the vanquishing of Ravana the crowning of Vibhisana Sita's ordeal by fire the descent of the gods and their intercession the re-union of the hero and the heroine the advent of Dagaratha and the revocation of his dread curse on Kaikeyl and Bhara [...] Satabali who was deputed to the north would not see the sun in the extreme north it being the winter solstice; nevertheless the region will be bright with the light of the golden Soma mountain situate in the middle of Lavanasamudra and as it would be impossible to tell night from day the monkeys would lose count of time.
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The Late Sir P. S. Sivaswami Iyer
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The Quest of Sita A Critical Study of Valmiki’s Technique
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On A Meaning of the Word Kausika
110-116 V. Raghavan view
Nandivarman II Pallavamalla
117-126 N. Vcnkataramanayya view
Some Evidence for the Date of the Asvacikitsita of Nakula (Before A.D. 1000)
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The Memorable Message of the Heliodorus Column at Besnagar
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The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute
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Dara Shikoh’s Majma-Ul-Bahrain
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