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Indian Farming January 1950




In the autumn of 1933 it was mineral deficiency by the use of fertilizers w reported in some countries of the southern were the three outstanding problems in the highlands of the Valley that more than 5o reorganization of agriculture in the Valley. [...] Naturally their first cooperation of the existing organization of thought turned towards agricultural develoagricultural extension service of the seven ment of the Valley on scientific lines to States covered by the Valley to assist them prevent erosion and restore life into the in transmitting to the farmer for adoption depleted soil. [...] from the point of view of size soil conditions The first condition to enlist the cooperation type of farming and economic status of the of the farmer was that he must own the land farmers. [...] How they work test demonstration farm 'The TVA will within the allocation for First the extension service people draw such purposes provide funds to the College up a map of the farm and in consultation for the employment by the Agricultural with the farmer a cropping scheme is laid Extension Service of the required additional out for each field keeping in view the type of members of the exten [...] In the renovated pastures and brimstone around the hills and now we not only is the yield of forage larger but are preaching the gospel of green grass and the feeding value is also improved which fertilizers '. shows up in the productive efficiency of the The author met some farmers who were animals.


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