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Indian Farming. February 1942




Are such questions asked ? In H. G. Wells' delightful book Men like Gods the professor mentioned in the opening chapter is dealing with the problem of The Diurnal Variations in the Butting Frequency of the Young Bull Calf ! To see that this is not very far ovedrawn one may study the subjects of some of the M. Sc. [...] TRUE TEST OF RESEARCH THE work at Rothamsted is ' to discover the causes of things that happen in the soil and in the plant causes that determine the results on which the success or failure of the grower depends. [...] But the true test of research is the soundness of the knowledge which it yields not the immediate practicability of the results. [...] The Editorial Committee is grateful to the writers for the trouble they have taken and are taking in the preparation of these articles.—Editor.] THE Coleyana Estate is situated on the Lower Bari Doab Canal area of Montgomery district in the Punjab 80 miles south-west of Lahore and some 400 miles from Karachi. [...] The soil on the Estate is alluvial with a prponderance of clay which quickly runs together and the value of the organic manure in the form of compost lies in its physical property of keeping the soil open rather than in the NPK value.


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