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Indian Farming. June 1940




To the scientist water is 1120 to the artist it is a material out of which is formed the ever-changing cloud scenery of the sky to the seaman the element by which he lives (and often dies) and to the animal and the plant that without which they cannot exist and which forms a great part of their material bodies. [...] By 1902 it was common in the Godavari delta in Madras according to the Report of the Madras Department of Agricuture and in the same year it was reported in severe form in the Champaran area of Bengal which is now in Bihar as well as the district of Muzaffarpur. [...] The disease The first external symptoms of the disease are loss of colour and drooping of the leaves the first ones to show the symptom being the third and fourth from the top. [...] In 1934 an equal percentage of lighand dark-race isolates was obtained from all varieties in 1935 there was a slight predomiance of the light race while in 1936 and 1937 there was a decided increase in the relative numbers of the dark-race isolates.' It is not the first time that the growing of a particular crop has resulted in the eventual predominance of the particular race of a pars [...] Thus in the case of the cross between the tall and dwarf pea the first hybrid generation was tall the dwarf character of the other parent remaining masked by the tall character.


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