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The Rural India December 1940




The fruits reaped and the profits gained by the cultivators through the loans of the co-opertive societies have found their way to repay the debts other than those of the co-operatives in view of lack of proper control over their produce. [...] The length of the medical curriculum (7 years after the matriculation is the minimum in Bombay; the average time taken by a student to qualify is between 8 and 9 years) the necessity to live for that length of time in a university town the smallness of the returns and chiefly the want of amenities in the country are some of the factors which lead to this phenomenon. [...] They are to select the villages in consultation with the civil surgeon subject to the approval of the government and their presidents are to select the doctors in consultation with the civil surgeon. [...] 688" THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE VILLAGE WORKER By G. K. Puranik IT has greatly pleased me to be present at the opening ceremony of the Village Workers' Training Class" organised under the auspices of the Adrash Seva Sangha and to witness the happy spirit of comradeship that exists between the teachers of the Eduction Department of Pohri Jagir and those of Adarsh Vidyalaya whom I see together h [...] The poverty and ignorance of the village is a painful sore in the body politic of the the country the necessity of whose cure has been admitted both by the Government and the public workers' agencies.



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