Journal of the Indian Medical Association  September 1953
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Journal of the Indian Medical Association September 1953




According to general experience to which our own was no exception every case of hepatic coma ended fatally irrespective of the stage when the patient came under treatment and of the kind of therapy administered upto the introduction of broad spectrum antibiotics in the treatment of this condition. [...] The general condition 'improved satisfactorily appetite returned vertigo and weakness were not felt again The intensity of the jaundice however hardly lessene and on 25-3-53 just one month after the onset of his illness puffiness of the face was noticed; the urine contained albumii and numerous icterus casts. [...] (i) In the first stage the whole of the first rib up to the cartilage and the bony portion of the second rib up to the cartilage are removed only a small portion of die third rib posteriorly is removed leaving the anterior and lateral parts as support of the lung. [...] this apicolysis or mobilisation of the apex has been achieved up to the level of the arch of the aorta on the left side or the azygos vein on the right. [...] TABLE t—EXTENT OF LESION AN1) REseUr nr ( )11.:1?Al o Ls; ON IT Extent of on ' or Extent utio tic Eric in in than less than one Bona a 1. ( ) 5 nil (70 (30 per per cent) cent) The result of the operation on the extent of lesion has been tabulated and the percentage of success as seen in these cases is independent of the extent of lesion as such.

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