The Aryan Path  January  1953
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The Aryan Path January 1953




The Sanchi Vihara will draw the pious believer and the itinerant traveller and sustain the devotion of the one and awaken the curiosity and even the interest of the other– But that will not serve the purpose underlying the appeal of our faseeing Prime Minister the builder of"2 THE ARYAN PATH [ January 1953 I the Secular State on the foundation of Spirit and of the One World on that of Non-viol [...] To vaquish others by the force of arms is to raise from the victor's lusts and arrogance and from the skulls the pains the humiliations the distress and the malice of the vanquished an insurmountable barrier to Peace both for the victor and the vanquised. [...] He speaks of the blackened ruins and rubble of tens of thousands of homes the piles of ash smouldering on the hard-baked earth the corpses rotting in the sodden ditches strewn over the land like offal rotting in the ruins of dead towns. [...] And the most recent issue of Trees the journal of the Men of the Trees " makes this comment on the present clash of political idelogies :- A widespread impression exists in the West that the most urgent problem facing us is the struggle against Comunism. [...] In the responses coming in from all parts of the world to the plea of the " Men of the Trees " can be sensed a great stirring of cosciousness that the impasse of poliical warfare is breaking up.

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