The Aryan Path  August  1952
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The Aryan Path August 1952




The blowing of the conches the loud orders of the captains to their regiments the neighing of the horses and roarings of the elephants—nothing was allowed to interfere ; Arjuna intent on the instructions of Krishna heard all reflecting hour by hour on what he heard assimilating what he undestood and thus getting ready for divine action. [...] Neither the dinginess of the room nor the confusion of the crowds could take away from the dignity of that figure in the open coffin. [...] This clinches the doubt as to the identity of the Atta of the Buddhists with the nama rupa of the Upanishads and of the Buddhist and Upanishadic concepts of liberation. [...] Max Muller was correct when he said that Nirvana was not extinction but the completion of being the Brahman of the Upnishads the Absolute of Samkara and the Tathata of the Buddhists. [...] From the cultivation of land the meaning of arya moved to the cultivation of the mind of the spirit ; from the harvest of crops the aim advanced to the harvest of the summum bonum in life ; from anna the emphasis shifted to moksha.

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