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The Aryan Path December 1952


I : To the End of the Five Dynaties—By Howard S. Galt.. History of Education in India DUring the British Period A —By Syed Nurullah and J. P. Naik History of the Theories of 'Ether and Electricity A : The Clasical Theories—By Sir Emund Whittaker Holy Lake of the Acts of Rama The : A New Trs. [...] " The devotee of Celestial Wisdom the Kingly Science sees in the Crown of Thorns the Power to suffer and to sacrifice ; sees in Jesus not the King of the Jews to be scoffed at but the Word become Flesh and so exclaim" Behold the Man. [...] The legend of the solar deity had certainly existed long centuries before the Christian era and the conformity of the life of Jesus to the pattern set is so close as strongly to indicate the allegorical character of the Gospel accounts an allegory which it has been suggested applies not only to the solar gods but also to the trials sufferings and final victory of the candidate for Initiation [...] " With righteousness shall he judge the poor and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth." The Sermon On the Mount ! He was alone bcause he was the Chosen One the Son of the Virgin the Saviour ! The others too were children of the Heavenly Father but He the Son had to drag them with him. [...] The germinticin of the seeds and the growth of the plants are not purposeful in the same sense ; they are processes idependent of the man's volition and apparently involve no deliberate intention on the part of the vegtables.
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“Thus Have I Heard”—
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The Tragedy of the Misunderstood Messiah
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Modern Esaus
541-547 Alexander Skutch view
Logical Thought and Materialism
548-552 Charles Seymour view
Fundamental Education
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Bon—The Pre-Buddhist Religion of Tibet
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New Books and Old
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Ends and Sayings
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