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The Aryan Path January 1939




But why does the nation obey since the power is on the side of the people ? The explanation is that the mind of the people has been captured by certain ideas and values by belief in the advantage of conquest ; or in glory ; or in nationalism or patrioism ; or in the suppression of this or that race or class or party— ideas which the few or the one may exploit. [...] The real point was that the exercise of vilence by the stronger party to the dispute should if possible be prevented by the intervention of the Community of Nations protecting the weaker against the stronger. [...] It was pivoted on racial faitionaism national sectionalism with hatreds and prejudices between the North and the South resulting from the alignment of the Civil War and the reconciliation of these factions since 1900 in the new industrialzation of the South was entirely at the expense of the Negro's interests and the political and economic rights of both the Negroes and the poor whites. [...] Du Bois had sensed the growing importance of Labour in world politics and had dclared that the only lasting solution of the American race problem was unity between the white and black workers but the realities of the trades-union movement in the United States the exclusion of Negroes from many See his articles in THE ARYAN PATH for March 1936 on " The Clash of Colour " and for October J93 [...] Fotunately for both of them despite the upheavals of the present and even a certain amount of social chaos that is manifest in undeclared wars of aggression the tendency of our age is towards the achievement of that Parliament of man the federation of the world " which was envisioned by Tennyson.


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