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Kalyana Kalpataru May 1949




Desire the underlying motive of which is satisfaction of the senses is called `Kama' ( Lust ) and the desire of which the underlying motive is cultivation of the pleasure of God is known as Trema' ( Love ). Instead of satisfaction of the senses the object of desire should be satisfaction of God. [...] 10 j DUALISTIC AND NON-DUALISTIC WORSHIP IN THE UPANISHADS 523 almighty; the Jiva is a part and God is the Whole; the Jiva is the enjoyer and God is the Witness; the Jiva is the worshipper and God the object of worship. [...] And when this beholder ( the individual soul ) beholds the Supreme Person the embodiment of divine effulgence the ruler of all the creator of even Brahma and the author of the world then rising above virtue and vice and attaining spotless purity he as a devotee who is also the possessor of Knowledge attains the highest identity." God who is both possessed of attributes and attributeless [...] He who alone is the lord of all wombs and in whom the entire creation is dissolved at the time of destruction and from "He who is subtler than what is subtle residing within the secret cavity of the heart the creator of the universe the undertaker of various forms the circumvallator of the universe knowing Him the singular all-blessed supreme Lord man attains everlasting peace." "The wis [...] The function of the heart as the circulator of blood heat and sustenance which is similar to that of Visuu of the Trimartisit seems to have suggested the idea of locating this deity in the lotus of the heart—within the microcosmic world of the human body.


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