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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society (New Series) January & April 1953


The result of the capture must have shattered for once the power of the Muttaraiyans who were not only having possession of this place till then but were the chief supporters of the members of the second dynasty of the Pallavas. [...] Of him the plates say that he was the heroic head jewel of the Cola race that the glory of his powers was well-known that his liberality was that of Kadheya and that his conduct was upright.' Though we are not informed of the ancestry of Kumaraiikuia the plates leave no doubt that he came of the ancient stock of the Colas and was held in the esteem which he deserved by his birth. [...] We shall at the end add also a table shoing the contemporaneity of the members of the South Indian families such as the Cala the 135.-nciya the Pallava and the KodumbalUr. [...] D. THERE is an inscription on the east wall of the second präkara of the Rairganatha temple at S'rirairgam in the Trichinopoly district dated in the ninth regnal year of the Panclya king Maravarman Sunfara Panclya who ascended the throne in A. D. 1216.' Accoring to this record the date of which falls in A. D. 1224-25 the managers of the temple of Rafiganatha colluded with the Ottar to the det [...] There are two inscritions of the same period on the west wall of the rock near the Arulala Perumal temple at Conjeeveram in the Chingleput district.' The second of these two inscriptions is dated in the twentieth year (Adi 12 Scrptami Monday As'vati) of the reign of Rajar/jadeva (apparently the CCrla king Ralaraja III A. D. 1216-46) and records the gift of one hundred and twenteight cow
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The Kodumbalur Chiefs and the Revival of the Colas
79-94 K.V. Aiyer, K.S. Vaidyanathan view
Eastern Ganga Inscriptions in the Tamil Country
95-101 D.C. Sircar view
Srivilliputtur History and Epigraphy
102-116 V. Srinivasan view
The Chronology of Andhra Dynasty and the Hathigumpha Inscription
117-125 Y.V. Rao view
A Coronation 4 000 Years Ago
126-128 F.R. Sell view
Correspondence the Javantinathapuram Inscription of Varaguna
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