Journal of the Gujarat Research Society  October 1952 and January 1953
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Journal of the Gujarat Research Society October 1952 and January 1953




After considering the papers submitted at the Conference and the subsequent discussions this Conference of the research Workers of Gujarat resolves that for the purpose of framing a Plan for the alround development and progress of Gujarat research in many directions is essential and inevitable. [...] In addition this Conference emphatically requests the Government and the public of Gujarat to implement the scheme with the help of the Universities in Gujarat and the research institutions working on the problems of the Gujarat Region. [...] Without mentioning the acrimonious discussion about the origin of the man from apes the anthrpologist is satisfied that the living apes nearest to men are the Chimpazees and the Gorillas and that the distance of time between the fossil ages of origin of these primates and man is so large and the differences so great between the structure and the weight of the brain (1.32 kilgrams in the [...] The physical differences in various groups mentioned above form the basis of racial anthropology which leads to the classification of makind into races and the construction of the racial history of man and the problems of race mixture and of assimilation of races. [...] The abolition of the feudal system and the extinction of the princely order the equalisation of the rights and privileges of the two sexes the ideal of a tasteless and classless society free from exploitation the special recognition of the claims of the scheduled castes and tribes all derive support from this new conception of equality of races and of the capacity of most human groups to adva

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