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The Educational Review. A Monthly Record for India July 1927




The ppeudices A and B are really welt-written and add much to the usetuluese of the bouk. [...] 2. It has now been thoroughly revised and brought into line with the Syllabus in Elementary Mathematics recommended by the Director of Public Instruction Madras for Forms I II and III of Secondary Schools and will be found to be a most suitable and satisfactory TexBook of Elementary Mathematics for Forms I II and III of all Secondary Schools both in the Madras Prcsidency and in the Native [...] 4. Multiplication and Division of Decimals by a Decimal of the Standard Form. [...] 5. By VisvituaJaa Iyer B. A. L. T. Goverment Training Sonool Cnittoor These stories by the great sage and regenerator of Modern Russia will have direct effect in the building of character and infusion of a spirit of love of and service to fellow-beings and sacrifice in the younger generation of this country. [...] The Exhibition demonstrated all the marvellous achievements of Modern Science and Art and showed the results of a century of human progress.



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