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The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review July 1898


Perceval's meanness the Slave Trade debate of 1807 the beginnings of the Peninsular War the slowness and death of Moore the victories of " the immortal Palafox " the tribulations of the Duke of York at the hands of Col. [...] The following are specimens of the essays sent in.- The Historia Lansicea of Palladins ;" " The Book of Came ;" -" On the Openings of the Wall of the Body Cavity of 'Vertebrates ;" "The Determination of the Conductivity of Liquids in Thin Layers." One student this year " attained the required standard in the Examination for Part II of the Moral Science Tripos ". The names of the following Orien [...] For the adequacy of the scheme of education pursued the University is responsible ; for the graduates' knowledge of the subject of it as far as examination may test them it is again responsible ; but for the manner in which the prescribed course has been carried oat for the quality of the educative process which has vivified the dry bones of the subject employed the reputation of the college a [...] On the other hand it was obvious that if the degrees of a new University were to command the acceptance we wished for them there must be no room for doubt in the mind of the public as to the strictness of the standard or the absolute impartiality of the examinations ; and it was perfectly obvious that the greatest security we could offer in this regard would be in the conduct of the examination [...] The Guild like the University Court is required to visit each of the colleges of the University in annual rotation--so much of our plan still remains ; but the framers of the Charter held that the most effectual means of ensuring participation and living interest in the affairs of the Guild on the part of its members was to make it an authority capable of administering independent funds and unde
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