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The Indian Journal of Education. a Monthly Review October 1897




In his government too the same combnation of rival principles is to be met with; the one side the support of the Church—a body essentially Rman in its ability to rise superior to the social differences of the day and the mystic splendour still clinging to the Imperial title : on the other the tribal loyality of the Frankish nation. [...] It called attention to the fact that at the last meeting of the Senate though a very large number of native members were present at the voting for the Chairmen of Faculties and Members of the Syndicate not a single native Fellow remained to the end Not one Indian Fellow took the trouble to stay for the discussion of the question whether the study of the Indian political system should be removed [...] Of the following two explanations of the meaning of " to go to the wall" the first is intelligent though the orthography is peculiar. [...] Getting at the inside of the insect at the meaning of the sentence we find that a certain school has apparently not done as well as it might have and that the deficiency is attributed not to changes on the staff of which there were several not to slackness in the teachers nor to the idleness in students but to the absence of tact on the part of one of the three acting headmasters who preside [...] I indeed welcome the raising of the standards by the introduction of Chandra Lo is among the F. A. texts and Mannsmriti and the Sutras for the B. A. But this mere touching up of the business at the top is of very little use.



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