The Indian Journal of Education (Formerly The Madras Journal of Education)  May 1895
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The Indian Journal of Education (Formerly The Madras Journal of Education) May 1895




The first of these enters the cell by diffusion through the porous clay wall while a supply of the second is deposited by the mother wasp within the cell at the time the egg is laid. [...] Any School History of Rome and any School History of Greece—on the scale say of HortOn or Pelham for the one and Omen for the other—might be taken for the parts of the subject they cover and the rest of the subject might be dealt with on the same scale in lectures by the teacher. [...] Joseph's College was the removal of the necessity for the expedient that had been adopted by Government in 1868 to evade the difficulty of aiding non-salaried professors by the practical admission of their claim to grants notwithstanding the non-rceipt of a salary which eventually enabled the Government to give a handsome and suitable grant to the College. [...] The small number of well-to-do students on the rolls of the University which has often attracted attention and which was dwelt upon by the present Chancellor of the University in the address already referred to is an obstacle to the application of the first remedy. [...] In the present state of the question I make bold to say that if the European code of morality is to be the ideal for adoption the teacher must in the great majority of cases be a European.

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