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Education November 1933




He said in part: The object of the Federation is to bring about a common understanding among the nations with reference to that peace for which the world is groaning and which will ultimately be achieved through education." He said further "The business of education is to lay the foundations of society—sound just and secure out of the experiences of the past." He contended that it is not the [...] Huxley's Utopia with its scientifically manufactured brains soon becomes a reality) do away with the distinction of the high and"( 396 ) the low the keen and the slovenly in the realm of the intellect With the spreading of that democratic slogan Education for all" it is not now possible for the people or the state to indulge the luxury of placing each individual under his own special task-maste [...] This indeed is the greatest charm of the open air activities of a modern school —the excursions the visits to historical monuments and to the Zoo hiking parties to the seaside scouting gardening staging plays in summer—all give satisfaction to the animal as they stimulate the spiritual in the boys. [...] Thus may the hobby or the occupation of a life time be formed In the immediate sense we might teach the young the phenomenon of the Tides standing on a sea-beach or the habits of that orangoutang by the cage of that chafing monster in the Zoo. [...] And the school goes to the concert and talkies to the museum to the zoo to the mill to the woods anywhere where there is something to see and to learn.



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