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The New Review June 1943


Even in the early parliaments in England it was by a shout that questions were decided a relic of which is the practice which obtains even now of the Speaker determining in the first instance the vote of the House by the strength of the shout of the Ayes and Noes. [...] But the experience of the life of minorities in Europe and Asia since the end of the last Gieat War and the Peace of Versailles have made political observers and critics probe into the popular notion about the rule of the majority. [...] The tragedy of this experience of Congress rule was not so much the harm done to the administration or the economy or the liberty of the people or to the rights and interests of the minorities but the fact that this intensely 'Thidian National Party got this theory of majority rule from the West and swallowed it whole and made a literal unpolitical use of it. [...] At the provincial capital resided the governor known as the Subah Subandar or Nazim the provincial diwan the bakhshi the news-writer diwanvhayutat the kotwal the sadar the gazi and under Aurangzeb the muhtsib and the provincial collector of jizya. [...] In consultation with the leader of the expedition the bakhshi looked after the needs of the army and was represented by a bakhshi in the expedition.
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