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The Indian Review Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Discussion of all Topics of Interest April 1917




Charles (rant ;ejoiced over the main principle of the Bill and obsePved If one circumstance more than anotiffir could give him satisfaction it was that the main principle of this Bill had received the approbation of the Rouse and that the House was now legislating for India and the people of India on the great dad just principle teat in doing so the interests of the people of India should be pri [...] the rule (many call it the misrule) of the Company was put an end to and the Goernment of India transferred directly to the Crown and the Proclamation of 1858 issued to the Princes and Peeples of India the joy of the people knew no bounds for the event marked the turning point in the history of British rule in India and the famous Proclamation of Queen Victoria gave further solemnity to the [...] He IsCilded:— Since I am writing confidentially I do not White to say that both the Governmenfs of Englaed and of Indiaappear k me up to the present moment unable to allierer satislaotorily the charge of hying taken every means in thJr power of breaking to the heart the words of promise they had uttered to the ear Speaking on the same subject in the House of Lords on March 11 1869 the Duke of [...] The great Imperial Durbar held in 1858 to announce that the jitmen of England had assumed the title of thrEmpress of India proclaimed that the status of the Indian subjects of the Queen had been raised to the citizenship of the British Empire and from giat time onward every Indian had bten rightly dreaming of his in the Empire. [...] The adequate representation of Indiana in the Council of the Secretary of Mate and die Eppel:ire Councils of the Viceroy and of the Governors of Maras and Bombay.


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