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The Indian Review December 1953


NOTE : —Passengers may undertake any one of the Four tours by starting the journey from any station on the Southern Railway situated on the route of the tour but passengers from stations which are outside the route of any of tho above tours can purchase the Standard Round Tour Tickets by applying to the nearest station situated on the route of the tour at least 10. [...] The main object of this invaluable publication is to present in simple English some of the works of Sri Sankaracharya in which he tried to expound in a popular style the philosophy of the non-dualistic Vedanta of which he was the well-known founder. [...] It is however hoped that the juxta-position of the Sanskrit text and the English translation will serve the double object of enabling the student of Sanskrit to understand the text better and to correct by a reference to the text any defect of expression in the translation as an inevitable result of the attempt to grab it in a popular style. [...] also all the important episodes in the life of the Lord Krishna—the killing of Kamsa the marriage of Rukmini the story of Kuchela the famous discourse to Uddhava the passing of the Lord and the salvation of King Parikshit. [...] also be just as ignorant of the problems There is no doubt that the centre of old of his own province as he is of the problems Maharashtra was Paithan on the Godavari - of other provinces Now Maharashtra is river which is now in the Nizam's domone of the provinces in the offing.
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i-16 B. Natesan view
529-533 J.L. Sathe view
India’s Future Museums
534-535 William Allen view
South African Apartheid and the United Nations
535-536 Subhash Rele view
Community Development
537-538 T.S. Ramachandran view
Religion in the Indian Census
539-541 Ashish Bose view
Indiscipline Among Students Causes and Remedies
541-543 K.R.R. Sastry view
Anglo-U S. Attitude and the Problem of Trieste
543-544 Aditya Sen Gupta view
Science and Ourselves
545-547 Tribikram Pati view
The Central Need in Education
547-548 Rishabchand view
Christ’s Last Days
549-550 A. Galletti view
550-551 T. Chari view
U. S. Vice-President Nixon
552-552 unknown view
Home and Foreign Affairs
553-556 Indian Journalist view
The World of Books
557-559 unknown view
Diary of the Month
560-560 unknown view
Readers’ Digest
561-567 unknown view
Indians Outside India
568-568 unknown view
Multum in Parvo
569-576 unknown view
1-ii unknown view