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The Indian Review March 1953


ASPECTS OF THE VEDANTA CONTENTS :—The Vedanta : some reasons for its study ; Veda and the Vedanta ; Vedanta towards all religions ; the Vedanta in outline ; the Vedanta Religion ; the ethics of the Vedanta ; the Philosophy of the Vedanta ; the Vedanta Philosophy ; the Vedantic Doctrine of the future life ; the Vedanta ; its Theory and Practice ; the Vedanta for the world ; Vedanta io daily life. [...] The so-called peace movement is in reality no 'more than a device to lull into complacency the prospective victims of the aggressive designs of the Cominform and a cover to the warlike preparations going on behind the Iron Curtain. [...] Under the spell of negative anti-communism which has become such a conspicuous feature of public life in some of the western"MARCH 1 953 ] THE DEFENCE OF DEMOCRACY 99 countries the democracies today are drifting away from the path of wisdom and sanity counter to the spirit of the four freedoms and the Atlantic Charter. [...] Today the West has practically identified itself with preservation of the status quo and the suppression of the new forces that seek to shape the pattern of human society. [...] The anti-communist crusade is tending to become a campaign for tie protection of vested interests the revival of dying imperialism and....the perpetuation of the exploitation of the weak by the strong.
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The Defence of Democracy
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Food Production in Relation to Population
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The Water Problem in India
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India’s Culture Abroad
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The Kashmiri Language
111-112 J.L.K. Jalali view
From my Notebook
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Nomination of Candidates for Election
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Estate Duty Bill
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Home and Foreign Affairs
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The World of Books
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Diary of the Month
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Readers’ Digest
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Indians Outside India
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Multum in Parvo
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