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The Indian Review October 1913 A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Discussion of all Topics of Interest




The work done by the Theosophical Society in India has had as a general result the revival of the Eastern faiths the checking of the destructive effect of missionary zear the establishment of an Indian ideal of education the inspiring of selrespect in Indians of pride in their past evoking hope in their future and the creation of the national spirit now throbbing throughout the land. [...] The introduction of this clause in the Act is a flagrant breach of faith and Lord Curzon admitted in the recent debate in the House of Lords that "it was a blot on the Bill." Another gross instance is in regard to the quetion of the right of the South African born Indians to enter the Cape. [...] The circustances that the accounts and documents.which will in the majority of the cases form the chief items of evidence are generally at the disposal and under the control of the offenders thinselves renders the setting of the Criminal Law in motion against them an uphill work. [...] In the words of the preamble to Act XX of 18E3 the Government found it expedient to relieve the Board of Revenue and the local agents in the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal and the Presidency of Fort St! George from the duties imposed on them by the Benial Regulation XIX of 1810 and Madras Regulation VII cf 1817 so far as those duties embraced the superintendence of lands granted for the su [...] previous regulations without proceeding to substitute any body of persons in the place of the Revenue Board and the District Agents it would have become the out-look of the general body of the worshippers of the various religious institutions to devise means for the future managment of the institutions.


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