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The Indian Review July 1913 A Monthly Periodical Devoted to the Discussion of all Topics of Interest




the evil genius of his country." The success of the monwechical government of which Cavour was the Prime Mnister only made the Republicanism that was Mazzini's passion seem the less necessary. [...] In the hrase of one of Cavour's biographers "The waters f the Revolution and the'river of Constitution - limn met" when the king of Piedmont Victor lmmannel at the head of the united Italian roops greeted the Dictator Garibaldi after the 3attle of Volturno. [...] Enhance the lustre of the See where Providence has placed you augment the influence of the Church and at the same time carry to completion the great edifice of the regeneration of Italy assure the peace of that nation which after all in the midst of so many vicissitudes has remained most faitful and most attached to the true spirit of Catholicism. [...] The practical work of the field the scientiffc methods of irrigation the arts of fortification and shipbuilding the highest and most elborate products of the loom the graver and the hammer the potter's wheel and the mason's trowel were not uknown among the people of Cordova but on the other band they were brought to perfection by the Spanish Moors. [...] But when the Europeans came in contact with the Arabs read the Quran studied the spirit of Islam and observed the good morals which animated them through the inflence of the Quran they made up their minds to shake off the despotic tyranny of the Pope and to set at naught his unjust ordinances.


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