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The Asiatic Review April 1931




The principle of an all-India federation which became the outstanding feature of the discussions of the Conference was however clearly' oulined in the Simon Report itself as the ultimate goal at which we should aim ; but whereas the Commissioners had not looked for any immediate development of such a scheme the attitude of the Princes at the Round Table Conference brought it at once into th [...] If as against the concession regarding the manufacture of salt the release of prisoners and the possibly dangerous effect of the long-drawn-out conversations upon loyal Indian opinion the Viceroy has secured a real peace co-The Indian Settlement 209 operation instead of opposition and a complete cessation of the anti-British movement in the country then indeed he has achieved a miracle. [...] He had served with the Hazara I7 xpedition of 1891 with the Isazai Expedition of 1892 in the Tirah Campaign of 1897-1898 and in the Mohmand Expedition of 1908 the last bringing him the D.S. [...] Hostilities having ceased Sir William Birdwood went out to the Commonwealth as commander of their military forces much to the gratification of the people down under." While in Australia he was again called to India after an absence of more than five years mainly on the battlefield to assume the Northern Command its area roughly coinciding with the Punjab the home of the Sikhs and the N. [...] In the meanwhile he was also a member of the Aligarh University Commission to go into the matters connected with that University and lastly and most recently he was the Chairman of the Committee to consider the progress of education in India in connection with the Simon Commission.


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