Modern Review  December  1953
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Modern Review December 1953




We have proved to he bad prophets." The Correspondent lists the inability of the Congress Parliamentary Board to mobilise its forces to the full as one of the causes of the defeat of the Congress. [...] pointed out that the question was not of retaining or sacrificing the beauty of the language but was that the script should be so simplified as to take the language to the widest section of illiterate masses and further so that the unifying heritage of different languages of India all of whom were derived from Sanskrit should emerge. [...] Califrirnia in the coure of his address to the Mysore State branch of the Textile Association of India in Bangalore in thr first week of Noven►►er stated that the striking difference between the Indian Trade Union Movement anti the A incrirnn was that the unions in the United State. [...] India's known reserve of chromite are of the order of 200900 ions of high grade ore while the reserves of lower."grade ore are estimated at several times as much The total estimated reserves of copper ore at the close of the year 1950 stood at 1087 195 short tons and the total reserves of gypsum are roughly of the order of 67 million tons. [...] But the paper mires "utmost care and caution " keeping in view the geographical position of the.11( a activities and developments in the neighbouring woe beyond Indian borders and the nature and temper►- ment of the tribal people.

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