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Modern Review November 1953


This increasing loss of faith in the Congress and the Congress Governments on the part of the informed and intelligent section of the public is on the increase everywhere and as a result the Government snot find any means of rallying public opinion on its side in a crisis. [...] The English language dailies were not all in a helpful attitude either but even the most rabid amongst them were restrained in comparison with most of the Vernacular papers These latter waste the backbone of all the demonstrtions and disturbances ns the leader of the July movements himself thankfully acknowledged to the editors he had called for a Press interview on the day the movement was c [...] In a joint stare' meat to the Protestant and Syrian Christians in this part of the country the bishops urge them to amnia the violence of the Communists with the love and noviolence basic to the Land Gift Movement. [...] The signatories to the statement endorsing Vinoba Bhave were the bishops of the Mar Thome Syrian Church the Nfelankam Jacobite Syrian Church the Knana Syrian Church and the Kottayam diocese of the Church of South India. [...] Because of the slab system even the big estates will get the advantage of lower rates on the initial slabs and the rate applicable on the total value of the estate will be less than 43 per cent The following figures will support the contention that the Incidence of the Eastate Duty will be much lighter in this country than in many other countries baring a similar legislation :- Value at India U.
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Historical Background of the Indian National Movement
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